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Prof. Andrew Beeby

Telephone: (0191) 334 2023 (direct)

E-mail: [email protected]


Welcome to my web pages – where you will find no fancy graphics, no cartoons and no Javascript to crash your machine… and as a result hopefully it will load before you die of old age! Please click on the area that interests you… Andy

Research Interests

I am interesting in studying materials that glow.  Fluorescent and phosphorescent materials are ubiquitous – from the money in your pocket (did you know that the pound notes in your wallet contain Europium…?) to the next generation display-screens.  Even your pet budgerigar fluoresces!  For a bit more detail have a look here.  I am also interested in using Raman imaging and optical spectroscopy to study the pigments used in medieval manuscripts.


Optical spectroscopy is a great way to demonstrate the fundamental principles of the absorption and emission of radiation – the fundamentals of spectroscopy.  It’s visual and easy to demonstrate.  Thanks to funding from the RSC via the Chemistry: the next generation and HE-STEM programmes we have put together a set of equipment as part of “Spectroscopy in a Suitcase”.  This equipment is available for loan schools to allow pupils hands-on access to the equipment.  Full details can be found at our Spectroscopy in a Suitcase page.  


Here is a link to my publication list.

Research Opportunites

Research Vacancies and Opportunities are listed here

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